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Resellers System

Reseller System

SMS.CC has the capability to offer the strongest project in the field of SMS. Go along with us to start your SMS messaging project within days with powerful system and competitive prices.

SMS service is a success all over the world with strong positive feedback and one of the most important, fastest and cheapest in communicating and advertising methods which is lighting directly on effective communication between institutions and enterprises with their clients.
Sending notifications, flight alerts, bank or credit card statements, promotional advertisements and greeting messages are some examples of using SMS service.

Additionally, there is ability to determine the appropriate time for the communication process with the possibility of drafting your message.

Along this perspective, reseller solution launched by SMS.CC to provide a system to those who want to market and resell the service under their own business name with white label option. Presently you have the ability to set your own particular price and sell it to your clients and gain great profit.

Capability of Reseller System:
  • Check all accounts registered in the website.
  • Manage all client' s balances.
  • Monitor archive messages for all clients.
  • View daily outgoing SMS reports.

You will have a control panel to:
  • Change password of your own clients.
  • Allocate unlimited number of sender IDs for each client.
  • Add/deduct SMS credits to accounts.
  • Create individual user.

In addition, you enable to:
  • Assign or blend routes depending on the client's country.
  • Define prices per route.
  • Sell SMS service which supports HTTP, HTTPS, API and SMPP.
  • Control your website's design and colors.

Role of SMS.CC:

Our reseller system is one of the best and powerful in market which connected through direct gateways to provide good quality with guarantee of delivery. Our main role in addition of providing a full technical support is in:
  • A portal to send SMS.
  • Host your website on our own servers.
  • A website designed using ASP.net.
  • Provide a control panel.
  • Assist clients to use the system.
  • Full technical support through support team.
  • Supply our partners SMS credits with good prices.

The role of resellers:
  • Apply his own marketing strategies.
  • Control his own website.
  • Provide a domain/subdomain.


We offer the lowest prices to our reseller partners as possibly we can. Reseller system is provided to you freely, and only you purchase message units from us at a wholesale price and then resell them to your clients at your own price. However, more quantity you buy, less cost you get.


A full technical support is provided to our partners through several channels mentioned in Contact Us with fastest response.

Terms and Conditions:

Forbidden to use the website for:
  • Anything that represents abuse or violence on others.
  • Illegal, unethical and fake messages.
  • Abuse to the Islamic laws.
  • Contrary the restrictions imposed by the country laws.

In case our team found any text sent in violation of these Terms and Conditions, SMS.CC has the right to take the following actions:
  • Prevent the user from re-subscribe again.
  • Provide user information to legal entities in case they asked.
  • Close the account immediately and without notice.


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